Posted by: designoriginals | February 10, 2011

CHA Los Angeles

Hello Everyone,
I am sitting here at Design Originals on Wednesday February 9th, 2011 in Fort Worth Texas, with snow on the roads once again and the outside temperature being 12 degrees, with a wind chill of minus 2!  Are you kidding me?  If I wanted to experience weather like this, I would move back to Illinois.  Of course my mother would love that, but I would be by myself, because Debra and my girls would most definitely stay in Texas.  Just so you know, the temperature by Friday will be in the 60’s.  Ahh…much better.

You know, this is the second week in a row for weather like this.  As many of you know, getting out of Los Angeles last week after the CHA show was a nightmare.  Poor Suzanne and Cindy, they wanted to beat the storm, so they took a “Red Eye” flight out of LAX on Monday night.  Little did they know they would actually land in San Antonio, and wait almost 12 hours for a flight to Dallas/Fort Worth.

Anyway, let’s talk about CHA Los Angeles.  Great show for Design Originals!  Notice my excitement in the photo that the booth is ready to go.  Between our new Zentangle® titles, and Mark Montano’s PULP FICTION title, the booth was kept really busy.

Lets start by talking about Zentangle®.  Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, the developers of Zentangle® gave mini classes in the Sakura booth.  As you know, the Sakura Micron Pigma Pen is the preferred pen, so stock up.  Between the Sakura and the Design Originals booths both doing Zentangle® demo’s, the talk on the show floor was all about Zentangle®.  I do not want to sound like a broken record.  But, if you have not yet ordered the Zentangle® titles, time is upon you.

Now let’s talk about Mark Montano and his great new title, PULP FICTION – Perfect Paper Projects. As you can see from the photo, having Mark in our booth doing a really cool make ‘n take, was very exciting.  Mark makes you feel so welcome, and encourages everyone to create, like only Mark can.  We had women and men together crafting with Mark.  People walked away with a beautiful 3-D Greeting Card Box.  Mark is one of the best promoters I know, so stock up now, because you will have people asking for PULP FICTION – Perfect Paper Projects.

Due to the terrible weather in Fort Worth last week, the truck with all the new books finally arrived on Monday, the 7th of February.  If you are on my list to receive samples, the new books were mailed out on Tuesday, so be on the look out.  If you do not receive samples of the new books, and would like to, please let me know.

Hard to believe this coming Monday is Valentine’s Day. I will celebrate with the loves of my life, Debra, Jaylen, and Jourdain.  So be sure to tell that special someone in your life just what they mean to you.  Whether it is a husband, wife, life partner, mother, father, child, grandchild, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, neighbor, work associate, boss, or pet, make sure you tell them.

Till next time.


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