Posted by: designoriginals | January 6, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!

The holidays are over and the year 2011 has just begun.  Boy, 2010 seems to have just flown by.  As I look back on 2010, I remember how wonderful and supportive my wife and daughters were.  Debra is my rock and my daughters keep me young/broke!  Debra reminds me so often to slow down and enjoy life as it is happening.  Because before you know it, your daughters are 23 and 21.

Dean, Jourdain, Jaylen and Debra.

I am sure the economy has played havoc on everyone, so I can relate to so many.  But I am truly hoping 2011 will be much better for all of us.  Life is short, so let’s all remember to slow down just a little, enjoy our families, and continue to count our true blessings.  Remember, we work in the Craft and Hobby Industry.  How great is that!

Inventory is over!  I know everyone probably deals with inventory, but counting a warehouse of books is not for the faint of heart.  A BIG “shout out” to Francis, Connie, and Julia.  According to everyone at Design Originals, it seems I get a little frazzled during the last couple weeks of the year, even though I don’t see it.  Anyway, the count went well and according to our CPA after he doubled checked the figures, the count was perfect!  What could be better that that?

Oh my goodness, CHA is like three weeks away!  It is now officially crunch time.  Everyone at Design Originals knows for the next few weeks it is going to be a little “crazy”.  My co-workers will be so glad when the booth ships and even more excited when mine and Suzanne’s flight takes off for Los Angeles.  Of course there will be daily phone calls from CHA.  Either something will be missing for the booth, or a box has not arrived, which of course neither of these things will have been my fault.  Anyway, everyone at Design Originals takes all this in stride and continues to help and support the Design Originals team that attends CHA.

Speaking of CHA.  I am really excited about our NEW books!  Mark Montano’s, PULP FICTION, is so great.  Mark will be in our booth Saturday and Sunday demoing, so make a point of stopping by our booth #2222.  We will also be featuring new Zentangle® titles.  One using Clay, one using Color, one using Yoga, and one using Fabric.  Hopefully you are not tired of me promoting Zentangle®, so let me share something with you.  Are you familiar with the Disney FamilyFun magazine which has 2.2 million subscribers, and an audience of over 5 million?  Well, the April issue of Disney FamilyFun magazine will feature Zentangle® in their “Favorite Things” section.  Now that is cool!

Success stories, I just love success stories.  Remember I talked about the Design Originals YouTube videos in my last blog.  I recently received a call from a quilt store in Florida.  It seems a few of their customers had watched the YouTube video featuring our book, ’10-Minute Blocks’, and wanted this store to order the book, which they did. In turn, the store then started featuring our YouTube videos in the store, which has now increased sales of other Design Originals books.  So it is true, Inspiration Drives Sales!!
Till Next Time.



  1. Love this!!!! 🙂

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