Posted by: designoriginals | November 4, 2010

Mark Montano and Pulp Fiction

Hello Everyone,

Is it really November?
Of course it is, and you know what that means?  I already have my family’s Christmas Trees up, all seven of them!
My wife Debra and I love to decorate the interior of our house for the upcoming Holiday Season.  So instead of just enjoying everything for a few weeks in December, we enjoy the decorations for two months.  The 12 foot tree usually takes the longest and when it is finished, it is just beautiful. But my favorite is the small tree that is decorated with handmade ornaments made over the years by my daughters.  Now that Jaylen is 23 and Jourdain is 21, those ornaments are priceless!

Recently, Design Originals attended the Houston Quilt Show, showcasing our new quilt patterns and our NEW title, ‘Zentangle, Fabric Arts, Quilting, Embroidery’.  What a HIT!!
People love to Zentangle, and now Quilters are also able to experience this wonderful new process.

Next, Design Originals will be attending the TAEA show in Austin Texas.  The Texas Art Education Association  conference is held once a year.  The conference is for every Art teacher in the State of Texas.  Each state holds its own conference throughout the year, with the National Conference (NAEA), being held in Seattle Washington.  It is this simple, Teachers LOVE Zentangle!!  So, if you have a school in your town, which I know everyone does, you must consider stocking the Zentangle titles.  Teachers love the process because it really helps students focus.

Oh, and I can finally tell you all about Design Originals exciting news!!
Design Originals is doing a series of books with Mark Montano!  Yes, that Mark Montano.

Mark was on Trading Spaces and While You Were Out for years, and still continues to Host shows on TV.  The first book will be presented at CHA California.  The title is ‘Pulp Fiction- Perfect Paper Projects!’ I have seen the projects, and they are really cool.  Mark will also be in our booth (#2222) during CHA California.  So make a point of stopping by.

Till next time.


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