Posted by: designoriginals | August 26, 2010

It’s too darn hot!!

Hello everyone,

Oh my goodness, it is almost the end of August, and in Texas that means the 100 degree heat is almost over.  Yes, we had 17 straight days of over 100 degree heat!  To top that off, my truck air conditioning stopped working, so driving home I just kept telling myself to enjoy the private sauna I was experiencing.  OR better yet, just imagine driving home and feeling like there is a hair dryer on high blowing in your face set on HOT.

Just finished unloading a truck loaded with Design Originals reprints, and yes, I know how to drive a forklift.  I think that is called “Job Security!”
I was glad it was only like 90 degrees today, and I did not run over my cell phone with the forklift (it’s happened)…. Oh Happy Day!
So for everyone waiting on ‘Totally Tangled’, your orders will ship out today, YEA!!

Other top sellers reprinted and unloaded were titles like Hemp Happy, Soapmaking 101, Friendship Bracelets 101, Strip Happy, Tim Holtz distressables, Zentangle Basics, Bead Basics 101, and Beading Basics and Beyond.  It is so great that all these titles continue to sell out.

Till next time, Dean.


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