Posted by: designoriginals | August 5, 2010

CHA in Chicago

Hello Everyone,
Well, CHA Chicago has come and gone.  As much as I liked the weather in Chicago, it is always good to get home.  Except when I left Chicago it was like 80 degrees, and now in Texas it has been 106 for the past 5 days.  August in Texas is pretty HOT!

So, about CHA Chicago.  Except for a few minor obstacles at the beginning, setting up the booth, ie:  no carpet, no electricity, no table, no chair, the rest of the show went very well.  Plus the booth looked really good, if I say so myself.

Tiffany Henderson

Suzanne McNeill had already given her presentation to the group of Crafters Home stores on Saturday, and then she attended the Crafters Home Vendor Faire on Sunday, before I even arrived.  I still do not know how Suzanne does everything she does, but she so enjoys the craft industry.  I mean, she has been doing this for over 25 years now!

On Tuesday before the show opened, Design Originals was one of 20 exhibitors chosen, out of 100 participants, to present their Innovation to a group of 200 buyers and media representatives.  Suzanne presented Zentangle® and featured the 4 books Design Originals now has published on this explosive technique.  It is not too late to jump on the bandwagon and bring the Zentangle titles into your store or studio.

Belinda Spiwak

During the show, we encouraged people to Zentangle at the Make ‘n Take in our booth.   Boy, I was pleasantly surprised as to how many people, women and men, stopped to Zentangle.  It was great!!  With Suzanne and Andi Rothenberg explaining what Zentangle is all about, our booth was packed.  Of course there were the few who just didn’t think they could Zentangle, but once they started, they were hooked.  Design Originals furnished a 4” x 5” pre-stamped card for people to Zentangle on.  The rubber stamp designs we used came from some of your favorite stamp companies, ie:  Hero Arts, Stampabilities, JudiKins, American Art Stamp, to just name a few.  Of couse we also had everyone using the Sakura Micron Pens, so generously donated by Sakura.

Lindsay Legault

After the Zentangles were finished we placed them on the wall of our booth so everyone could see what “newbie” Zentanglers had done.  Believe me when I say, there were some pretty amazing Zentangles.  In fact, it was hard, but we have chosen the best one from each of the 4 pre-stamped groups and have posted them.  Now, if you see your name, please give us a call at 800-877-7820, ext. 138 or drop me an email at <> because you have just won a copy of the yet to be released next Zentangle title, “Time to Tangle with Color” by Marie Browning, book #5362.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Karrie Cook

My shout out:  Thanks to Diane from Beacon Adhesives for loaning me a table and table cloth.  And then for being so understanding when someone spilled a soda on the table cloth.  Diane you are the best!  Also, a BIG THANKS to Andi for everything she did.

til next time, Dean

Zentangle is a  registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc.


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