Posted by: designoriginals | August 3, 2010

Altered Surfaces

Wouldn’t it be great as an artist or crafter to understand all the new products out on the market? To actually know what to do with all the gels, pastes, grounds and fluids. Better yet to also know how they may be used together to create wonderful effects on your art work!

Chris Cozen is an artist who fully understands these mediums. She has put her vast knowledge of the subject into a book ‘Altered Surfaces’.  For instance, do you know the difference between mineral pigment, modern pigment, heavy body. fluid and airbrush paint?  This is some of the helpful information Chris details in her book.

Maria Nerius of just reviewed this book. Maria is just as excited as we are about the wonderful information and techniques included, “there are plenty of ideas and projects shown to inspire you to get a little wild, experiment, and create some very unique work”. Hop over to the favecrafts site, they are offering an opportunity for you win a free copy of ‘Altered Surfaces’.


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