Posted by: designoriginals | July 20, 2010

Bead & Button Show

Dean again. I love Milwaukee Wisconsin!  Never thought I would say that, but I really do.  Since attending the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee over the last several years, I look forward to this show every year.  Not sure if it is the cool weather in June that I like, or the bratwurst, or the carrot cake, or the cheese, or maybe it is the wonderful people in Milwaukee that I now call my friends.  You know, that’s it!!  The people in Milwaukee are just so friendly.  Shout out to Sue, Candi, Penny, Gerri, Linda, Marlene, Dawn, and Alice.

The Design Originals booth was as busy as ever.  Once again my lovely wife Debra attended the show with me, and was a big help, especially with all the bead questions.  Our new titles were, Beading Basics and Beyond, Classy Crystals, Bead Happy, Kumi Braiding, and Friendship Bracelets 102.

Each year the Japanese bead company, Toho, Inc. sponsors a reception during the Bead & Button Show. Over the years, Design Originals has done several books with Toho, including our new title, Beading Basics & Beyond. Alice Korach, the founding editor of Bead & Button Magazine, and Toshi Myoda, designer from Toho, collaborated on this title.  Beaders LOVE Alice Korach, and it shows.  Whenever Alice is in our booth signing books, the line for her autograph grows and grows

Currently I am getting ready for the CHA Chicago show.  The process is as follows:   I put the complete booth up in the warehouse, let Suzanne approve it, then I take it down, box everything up, and ship it.  Now mind you, this is all done in our warehouse in Texas, where it is like 110 degrees!   Design Originals will be featuring our new Zentangle® titles.  So, if you have not heard about Zentangle yet, get ready!!


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