Posted by: designoriginals | July 1, 2010

Zentangle at NAEA

Hello Everyone,

Dean Rohlfing here, and this is my first blog for Design Originals.  How exciting! I recently returned from the NAEA show in Baltimore Maryland, and was so fortunate to meet great teachers from all over the United States. As we all know, Teachers are truly the unsung heroes in this crazy world we live in. Design Originals booth focused on Zentangle, and the teachers packed our booth every day.

My beautiful wife Debra assisted me in the booth, and boy was I glad she was there.  Our goal was to educate as many teachers as we could about the wonderful and exciting process called Zentangle.  Teachers are always looking for new ways to connect to their students, and Zentangle is a great answer for all levels of education.  In addition, Sakura, maker of the Micron pens, donated pens for everyone to use.  During the show, we gave the teachers an assignment to create their very own Zentangle.  So the teachers became the students and quickly realized the meditation they achieved through the pattern-making process helped their body relax, and all stress moved to the back burner.  The teachers were amazed!   The comment I heard the most was “This would be great for my students”.

Debra and I collected all the finished Zentangles created by the teachers at NAEA and have now posted our top 6 on this blog.  The names are listed under each blog, so if that is you, or if you know that person, have them contact Design Originals, or leave a comment on the blog to receive a FREE copy of our newest Zentangle title, Zentangle 3. How cool is that!! Thanks again to all the teachers who stopped by our booth  and “Tangled” with us. I look forward to seeing everyone again. My best, Dean



  1. I am a fellow NAEA art teacher who is thinking about buying the z kit. I already incorporate doodling into art assignments & sketchbook. I would love a copy of this book.

    • Thank you Nancy, so glad to hear you appreciate Zentangle, and wish to include it in your class assignments. The hope is more and more teachers will do the same, it is such a wonderful drawing exercise for kids of all ages.

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