Posted by: designoriginals | June 22, 2010

Youth Art Month

March was National Youth  Art Month, this yearly event is sponsored by the Council for Art Education, Inc.  As the leading publisher of children’s books Design Originals is pleased to be a contributor.  Along with many other donors and financial contributors we feel introducing children to art at an early age is a valuable learning experience for them.   Arts and crafts are a wonderful way for children to develop self-esteem, it develops dexterity and is an outlet for self expression.  Anyone who has worked in an arts program with children or  sat at the kitchen table with your child or grandchild knows that look of pure delight a child has when they are given art materials and an opportunity to create.

There are many events held during the month of March to honor the artistic accomplishments of young artists.  One of the events is “School Flags Across the U.S……Flying High”.  Designs depicting a theme from each state are entered by the students, one winner from each state is selected and awarded gifts of art materials.  Our pride in being involved is overflowing and we would like to share a few of these flags with you.

Louisiana  Flag – Georgia Flag

New Hampshire Flag –  Texas Flag


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